Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Watch Entourage Season 6 premier episode 1 Drive


01. Drive 12/07/2009

Last night saw the season 6 premiere of the hit HBO show “ Entourage” and according to, it was an interesting episode. Nothing seems to have changed for Drama or Turtle, who is still going strong with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

And it appears that Eric has decided it’s time to spread his wings and is looking to move into his own place, but it doesn’t go that easy for him. Last night’s episode “ Drive,” also saw Lloyd and Ari facing a battle with each other, over Lloyd’s future.

And as for Vince, the season 6 premiere saw him kept busy. Not only was he seen trying to get his driving license, but last night, we also saw him in a starring role of a new Martin Scorsese movie “The Great Gatsby,” which he was promoting on “Jay Leno.”

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